Updating Website and Forums

Hey all.

We’re in the process of ramping up our infrastructure, and as a result will in the next couple of weeks be transitioning to a new forum and web backend. We are looking into the possibility of transitioning our current database of forum subscribers, but this may not be practical.

Now, the good news is, the new backend will be much, much more powerful, and will coincide with a ton of new information and (soon) art as well. We’ve made some incredible progress in the past couple of months and are moving quickly towards a point – probably this summer – where we can move into early alpha tests with a cross-section of the community.

I am personally really looking forward to giving people a much closer look at what we’re doing with both Org and Geomancer.

– Heretic

Development Begins on New Game: Org

Jubal Online Games is now in active development of new multiplayer strategic and diplomatic game for the iPad and web named Org.

Org represents the struggles of powerful extranational organizations who are vying for dominance and control in our natal solar system. Each player takes control of an organization, otherwise known as an org, and guides it towards dominance in a never-ending struggle for supremacy.

We are expecting to move into an alpha phase of testing with appropriate invites to the gaming community sometime closer to the end of 2013.

More updates here as we have them!