User Interface Early Mockup

The development process for working up the user interface works by first putting together a set of wireframes that define the logic and decision-making tree; for Org, this consists of several dozen different screens, each one individually discussed, debated, and analyzed for issues of ease of use, data association, and game logic.

The next step is to give these wireframes real art - that's the stage we're on now. Like the first stage, we're going to go through a lot of iterations on this before it gets to where we want it to be, and what works for tablet may not work for the web version, so we're likely going to see some bifurcation of that as well. The first draft is rough, but will become increasingly refined with every draft as we finalize the individual art elements, make real icons, move things around and so on.

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In the mean time, the image above is the first example of this part of the process, specifically an initial draft of the starting page of the game for the tablet (you may note the colors are very bright on a computer monitor, though on a tablet they will appear much more muted).

At this point, tons of things remain to nail down:

  • Color palette and scheme
  • Structural organization and layout
  • Finalize art and icons
  • Develop the map, exploring options such as vectored rather than photorealistic style
  • Agent treatment, rank indications, information
  • ...and lots more