Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When will Org be available to play?

A: We are currently planning on several phases of alpha throughout 2015 and the first half of 2016 before culminating in a public beta in the second half of 2016, with a full launch a few months after that. Obviously, this is subject to change. We will be soliciting increasing numbers of players as we move through the various stages of alpha.

Q: What is the financial model for Org?

A: Org will be free to play with optional microtransactions. It should be noted that we are very committed to enabling anything acquirable through real money also be acquirable through play; in addition, we are specifically designing the game to not possess "pay gates" where it becomes unrealistic or unfeasible to progress past a certain point of play without paying.

Q: What platforms will Org be available to play on?

A: We are targeting Mac, iOS, PC, Android.

Q: What kind of game is Org anyways?

A: Org is a persistent, optionally social, asynchronous game of logistics and organization. Combat exists, but is abstractified, as the focus of the game lies in recruitment, administration, and organization of the agents, ships and facilities at your command.

Q: What kinds of player interaction will exist?

A: Auction house trading, player alliances, personal and alliance ranking with maintained rewards, and orbital voting mechanics constitute the core player to player interactions. Direct PvP as such does not exist; the model is rather one of competitive PvE. Vicious, politically ruthless PvE, however.