About ORG

ORG is a persistent premium strategy game with optional microtransactions in development by Jubal Online Games.

Players each run an organization consisting of ships, facilities and individual agents who are assigned to a wide array of tasks with the aim of advancing the player’s influence and stranglehold over the political landscape of our own 25th century solar system.

  • Define Your Org – Whether corp, religion, political faction, research foundation or anything else, the strengths and weaknesses of your org are defined by your choices. Recruit wisely. Expand ruthlessly.
  • Expand Your Reach – Taking place in a hypothetical 25th century future, humanity has colonized the deepest reaches of our solar system. National powers vie for power, but often the real power behind the throne lies with the vast orgs. Players run these orgs, insinuating their influence over national polities, trading with other players, and expanding their own bases of power.
  • Construct Your Future – From mining and refining resources to building ship components to transporting supplies, players have the ability to influence all parts of their org. Interested in complicated crafting trees? It’s here. Don’t want to micromanage the construction of a ship? No problem – buy the finished product from another player. Want to specialize in recruitment? Research? Xenoarchaeology? You can.
  • Manage Your Assets – Org is ultimately a game of managing your resources. Ships, facilities, people, raw materials, manufactured goods, even sociodynamic memes and commercial or political concessions and rights.
  • Dominate The Locals – Influence and power is defined not only by national polity, but also even by individual region. Dominance is tracked not just in political terms, but also commercial, research and even cultural terms, each with their own mechanics and own rewards.
  • Rank Your Org – Players are ranked on a percentile system in multiple categories per region, with those players occupying the higher percentile rankings gaining special benefits.
  • Form An Alliance – Players can form alliances with other players, creating the opportunity to rank your alliance against other players’ alliances, gaining special benefits in the process.

The third millennium of the Common Era saw the fall of centuries old empires and the birth of new powers and principalities. The hopes and dreams of peace and justice had fallen upon the deaf ears of oligarchs and autocrats, and in both boardrooms and state rooms of the pursuit of power was enshrined as a holy calling.

Where once the exploration of space had brandished bold promises of scientific achievement, now the expanse of Earth’s solar system lay prey to the rapaciousness of a host of organizations that filled the vacuum as national governments became insular and ineffective.

Powerful corporations warred over mineral rights even as research institutes operated stations outside international controls, allowing them unparalleled freedom to explore dubious avenues of scientific advancement.

Other organizations were driven purely by ideology. Cross-national political factions, criminal syndicates, powerful religious organizations and others strove to control the course of a solar system whose riches lay ripe for those with both the cunning and the strength to seize them.

The time of nations is fading. This is the time of the org.

Many images courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech. Many, many (many) thanks to their commitment to open license of imagery.